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 - Emmegi Hospital S.r.l.
  • Lampade a fessura digitali
  • Autorefrattometri / Keratometri
  • New TRK-1P
  • Tonometro a soffio
  • Fluorangiografi
  • Retinografi non midriatici
  • OCT di ultima generazione
  • Microscopi operatori
  • Microscopi endoteliali
  • Proiettori
  • Frontifocometri manuali e computerizzati
  • New Pascal laser duplicato di frequenza con spot in modalità flying organizzati in griglie preconfigurate e modificabili

 - Emmegi Hospital S.r.l.
  • Ferri chirurgici in acciaio e titanio

 - Emmegi Hospital S.r.l.
  • Biometri / Pachimetri
  • Ecografi
  • Vitrectomi
  • Laser YAG
  • Laser duplicato di frequenza
  • Laser a eccimeri
  • Lenti intraoculari
  • Suture oftalmiche
  • Soluzioni saline
  • Viscoelastici
  • Microbisturi
  • Cannule
  • Accessori monouso per vitreo
  • Ferri chirurgici per vitreo Grieshaber

 - Emmegi Hospital S.r.l.


Our goal is to understand what are the real needs of our customers, in order to propose their diagnostic systems best suited to their needs, providing solutions that meet the work demands but at the same time contain as much as possible the purchase and management. 

 In addition to providing maintenance and service for products installed by us, we are able to offer the same service for systems already in possession of the customer.



 • verification of functionality of the diagnostic system, with its calibration; • service contracts, with and without including spare parts, diagnostic systems for many manufacturers, including GE, Siemens, Philips;

• implementation of RIS / HIS / PACS workstation include processing and reporting, with the possibility of remote reporting, automatic production of optical media, from small companies up to cover the largest.